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Tender Writing New South Wales

As dedicated Tender Writers, we possess in-depth familiarity with the dynamic Sydney and New South Wales tender landscape. Our profound understanding of the NSW tender market sets us apart, enabling us to deliver exceptional results.
Our impressive track record includes securing prestigious State Government and Council tenders, reflecting our prowess in the public sector. Furthermore, our extensive journey in the private sector spans across a diverse array of industries within New South Wales. With our wealth of experience and versatile skill set, we are well-prepared to serve a wide spectrum of NSW industries.

Our service includes drafting of the tender response and project management of the process to keep you on track for deadlines and give you the best chances of winning, outlined as follows:

  • Consultation with you to determine the technical aspect and most competitive way to respond
  • Drafting of the response to tender criteria by a tenders specialist
  • Review of the tender by you to ensure you’re happy with the response
  • Assistance with online lodgement at specified New South Wales tender-portal
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How to get started - New South Wales Tender Writing - in 3 easy steps

It's easy to work with MyConsulting - we deliver Australia wide, including New South Wales , and

1 - Call Michael on 0411717460 for a FREE consultation

and for a quick chat about your projects - he is experienced, values personal service and is available to talk to you

2 - Get a price

most people like to know Tender Writing pricing, and what lead time there is - Michael can usually tell you right away

3 - Book the job in

Once you have received a Tender Writing quote either immediately on the phone or same day via email, we usually require a deposit and then get started right away, Michael is your personal consultant who is readily available on info@myconsulting.com.au, he will quote the work and deliver the job

We service the following Councils in New South Wales and beyond:

  • Canterbury-Bankstown, City of
  • Blacktown City Council
  • Central Coast Council
  • Northern Beaches Council
  • Parramatta Council, City of
  • Sutherland Shire
  • Cumberland City Council
  • Sydney, City of
  • Liverpool, City of
  • Wollongong, City of
  • Fairfield, City of
  • Lake Macquarie, City of
  • Penrith, City of
  • Inner West Council
  • Hills Shire, The
  • Campbelltown, City of
  • Bayside Council
  • Newcastle, City of
  • Georges River Council
  • Hornsby Shire
  • Randwick, City of
  • Ku-ring-gai Council
  • Ryde, City of
  • Shoalhaven, City of
  • Tweed Shire
  • Mid-Coast Council
  • Canada Bay, City of
  • Port Macquarie-Hastings Council
  • Camden Council
  • Maitland, City of
  • Blue Mountains, City of
  • Willoughby, City of
  • Coffs Harbour, City of
  • Port Stephens Council
  • Shellharbour, City of
  • North Sydney Council
  • Waverley Council
  • Hawkesbury, City of
  • Wagga Wagga, City of
  • Tamworth Regional Council
  • Queanbeyan–Palerang Regional Council
  • Cessnock, City of
  • Woollahra, Municipality of
  • Albury, City of
  • Clarence Valley Council
  • Dubbo Regional Council
  • Wollondilly Shire

    Quality software products used for copywriting

    Tender Writing - Quality Assurance

    to achieve excellence in Writing, Graphic Illustration, and Word Processing we use Adobe Creative Cloud/InDesign, Microsoft 365 Word/Excel, and Dropbox applications and Word source files will be sent to you for use with future Tender Writing projects. We can offer assistance with your next project too.

    How Much Do Tender Writers Charge ?

    As a general guide, tender writing prices can range from $1,845 to $5,495+, depending on tender details and depth of the Request and if additional tender policies and procedures are required. The cost is fully tax-deductible and a good investment when you consider the contract value and the much better chances of winning.

    Our tender writers can help you with any aspect of the Request, such as:

      1. Capabilities and Capacity
      • Organisation Details
      • Previous Experience or Projects
      • Technology And Differentiation
      • Continuous Improvement
      • Security Of Supply
      • Methodology
      • Mobilisation/Implementation Plan
      • Technical Support
      • Key Performance Indicators, KPIs and Reporting
      2. Organisational Chart And Key Personnel
      • Organisational Chart
      • Key Personnel, Subcontractors, Suppliers and Consultants
      • Key Personnel Resumes/CVs
      3. Health And Safety Questionnaire
      • Safety Statistics
      • Lost Time Injury - LTI Calculations / Ratios
      4. Quality Assurance Questionnaire
      5. Environmental Management Questionnaire
      6. Insurances

      7. Management Plans and Policies
      • Work Health & Safety (OH&S) Management Plan
      • Quality Management Plan
      • Environmental Management Plan
      • Industrial Relations Management Plan
      • Indigenous Participation Plan
      • Business Continuity Plans
      • COVID-19 / Coronavirus Policy
      • Workplace Management Plan
      • Modern Slavery Policy
      • Statement of Competitive Neutrality Policy
      • Declaration Commissions and Incentives, Conflict of Interest And Collusion Policy
      • Violence at Workplace, Domestic and Family Violence Policy
      • Social Procurement / Ethical Procurement Policy
      • Indigenous Procurement Policy
      • Local Procurement/ Local Content
      • Customer Service Policy
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Chain of Responsibility - CoR Documentation
      • Construction Programs / Methodology / Gantt Charts
      • Work Procedures and Methodology
      • Project Understanding
        • Potential Problems
        • Program of Works
        • Project Communication
        • Time Management
        • Project Risk and Issues Management
        • Site Management Plans
        • Traffic Management Plans

    Click here for more information on: Construction Tender Writing or if you need a Construction Tender Writer.

    Please call on 0411717460 or email tender files to Michael for review and quoting info@myconsulting.com.au.

    Tender Writing in New South Wales - let's get started!  Increase your chances of Winning new Contracts.

    Tenders, or business proposals, are a crucial part of most business transactions. A tender will detail the services and/or products that you wish to provide to a prospective customer. They outline the range of services provided, an introductory offer as to cost, and the terms and conditions under which you will conduct your business. Of course, it's vital to remember that your targeted client has not yet accepted your offer. In fact, if your tender is difficult to read or isn't convincing, then it may be outrightly rejected in favour of a competitor's!

    Responding to tenders is a vital component of running a successful business, but how do you find the time to respond to these lengthy submissions while doing your full time job? A tender writing assistant and our bid coordinators may be the right solution. Assistance with the often difficult task of writing a tender may be a welcome contribution to your business.

    Also, if you’ve never tendered before, you’re up against experienced contenders, and can be exposed to all kinds of commercial and legal risk if you aren’t sure what you’re writing about.

    For these reasons, engaging a professional bid consultant and tender manager to manage the tender process for you is an ideal solution, allowing you to submit a competitive tender which will increase your chances of being successful, while protecting you against associated risks. 

    Tender Response Writing - Timely & Efficiently

    Tenders and proposals are an important part of how we do business. A winning tender has the capacity to dramatically build a company, while a poor submission can have far reaching negative implications. For these reasons, tender writing should be done by an experienced tender writer.
    Our Tender Writer service provides high quality tender and proposal responses for government and corporate projects. Outsourcing your submission to a professional tender writer gives you the best chance of winning your bid, while minimising the work involved. Tender Writers can assist you with virtually any tender or proposal, with experience producing winning bids across the following areas:

    • All Levels of Government – Council, Local, State and Federal
    • Healthcare & Medical– Hospital services, Disability support and Medical recruitment; Aged Care
    • Recruitment & Employment Services
    • IT Information Technology, Education
    • Facilities Management - Airconditioning, Plumbing, Maintenance Services
    • Civil Engineering & Critical Infrastructure
    • Mining & Resources – Maintenance, Construction, Shut Down
    • Finance
    • Construction, Earthmoving & Building
    • Security Guards & Patrols
    • Cleaning - Commercial and Residential
    • Plant and Equipment Hire
    • Plumbing
    • Land Management, Landscaping & Maintenance
    • Transport, Logistics & Haulage


    Price Guide

    Small Tender Response

    • $1,845+
      Usually for Sole Operators, Trades
    • Request for Tender is about 10-30 pages
    • 3-10 days turn around
    • Files in Word Doc or PDF
    • Info Request

    Medium Tender Response

    • $2,745+
      Usually for SME Business, New South Wales Council or Government tenderss, all other tenders
    • Request for Tender is about 20-40 pages
    • 3-10 days turn around
    • Files in Word Doc or PDF
    • Info Request

    Large Tender Response

    • $5,495+
      Usually for large companies, New South Wales Council or Government tenderss, all other tenders
    • Request for Tender is about 20-50 pages
    • 3-10 days turn around
    • Files in Word Doc or PDF
    • Info Request

    The Tender-Writing Process

    The tendering process is a complex one. We may not be able to guide you through the whole process, but we can certainly help with one of the most work-intensive parts of the job - writing the tender itself. This is an involved process that requires thorough research, similar to the business planning process but for a single transaction rather than the business operations as a whole. Research and facts are, of course, not the whole picture - the language used in your tender must be persuasive and easy to read. This increases the likelihood of your tender succeeding.

    Improve your Chances for a Winning Tender

    At MyConsulting, our marketing copywriting experts can assist you with the creation of your tender. An easy-to-read, appealing tender can work wonders for your business prospects. Our writers will incorporate all of the vital legal information, as well as the specific details of your projected transaction into your business proposal. In addition they will use clever persuasive language techniques and a clear style to really help seal the deal. By doing this, your tenders will be ready to go, to implore your potential clients to see the benefits of your products and services.

    We work from a brief that you submit to us. The more comprehensive the brief, the better we can incorporate your ideas and the details of your proposal. In fact, a draft tender can be edited by us for a more refined product, for those who need results but don't have the time. Talk to us today to find out more about our tender writing services.

    Tender Consulting

    Our tender consulting services can assist you with responses to any submission, including tenders, proposals, Expessions of Interest (EOI), Requests for Information (RFI) etc. By outsourcing the writing, you eliminate most of the work involved in the tender, limiting your involvement to providing information and reviewing. This allows you to keep your internal productivity high, and eliminates most of the work involved in writing the response.

    Outsourcing your bid has the following advantages:
    • Increases your chance of winning
    • Allows you to focus on your usual job, increasing productivity
    • Streamlines the process by engaging an expert
    • Gives you access to specialist writing expertise, structuring your argument in the strongest way
    • Makes you aware of the rules of the tender process, protecting you from accidental elimination and commercially damaging bids
    • Eliminates most of the stress involved in tendering
    • Promotes your brand and protects your reputation against bad tendering, which can be damaging to your future business prospects
    • Gives you access to professionally prepared tenders for future bids
    • Being invited to tender is often an opportunity to dramatically increase your business, and is too precious to waste on a poorly prepared submission.
    • While there is a cost involved in outsourcing, there is a greater hidden cost involved in preparing your own tender through loss of productivity, making it most efficient to outsource
    • In most cases, the cost of engaging a professional is claimable on tax, further increasing the value of this arrangement.

    How We Work For You

    Our tender writing services allows you to maximise your chances of winning your bid, while outsourcing most of the work involved. Firstly, we consult with your organisation to gain the information required for the tender. Using this, we then draft the response, liaising with your key stakeholders to gather the information required to produce a winning response. We involve you in the draft review process once the response is written, allowing you to approve prior to submission.
    Our service takes the stress out of tendering, and allows you to focus on your job, knowing that your tender is in the hands of an experienced tender writer.

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